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Daniel & Rachel Sachs

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Some married couples can see only two painful options:  suffering in an unhappy marriage or enduring the devastation of divorce.  We offer The Third Option – a practical and proven path to a healthy, functional marriage.


The Third Option is a 14-week skills-based group program that helps couples build stronger, more fulfilling marriages. Each of the weekly sessions covers a different topic on a specific skill or tool to develop better understanding, communication, trust, sensitivity, listening skills and more which create a deeper, more intimate  relationship.  Each topic demonstrates that we all lean towards one of two extremes that don’t work.  Then we  show you the third option that does work.


An educational group where attendees learn, encourage and support each other, the Third   Option is led by skilled facilitators and by couples who have overcome serious  challenges in their marriages.  Each session stands alone, so couples can start anytime in the cycle of topics, and catch up later if they happen to miss a week or two.


There are several factors that make The Third Option program unique:

  1. PRACTICAL: The materials provide a clear understanding of different topics. You can immediately start applying the principles.
  2. ONGOING: We are always here for you. The class is offered year round. You can join at any time.
  3. SAFE: You will always receive a warm welcome. You will never be pushed to talk or disclose anything. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.
  4. PERSONAL: We care about your marriage and are always ready to speak with you individually or as a couple.  We are, however, not counselors and will refer you to a professional if needed.
  5. ENCOURAGING: You will hear many real life stories to which you will be able to relate.  As you apply the skills, you will begin to experience success.
  6. SUCCESSFUL: We are not a miracle cure, but if you are ready to make changes, commit to and invest in your marriage, there is nothing in the way to a beautiful path of transformation.

What is The Third Option?

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Cincinnati 513-238-9519

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