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What is The Third Option?

  • Some married couples can see only two painful options:  suffering in an unhappy marriage or enduring the devastation of divorce.  We offer The Third Option – a practical and proven path to a healthy, functional marriage.
  • The Third Option is a 14-week skills-based group program that helps couples build stronger, more fulfilling marriages. Each of the weekly sessions covers a different topic on a specific skill or tool to develop better understanding, communication, trust, sensitivity, listening skills and more which create a deeper, more intimate  relationship.  Each topic demonstrates that we all lean towards one of two extremes that don’t work.  Then we  show you the third option that does work.
  • An educational group where attendees learn, encourage and support each other, Third  
    Option is led by skilled facilitators and by couples who have overcome serious  challenges in their marriages.  Each session stands alone, so couples can  start anytime in the cycle of topics, and catch up later if they happen to miss a week or two.

There are several factors that make The Third Option program unique:

  1. PRACTICAL: The materials provide a clear understanding of different topics. You can immediately start applying the principles.
  2. ONGOING: We are always here for you. The class is
    offered year round. You can join at any time.
  3. SAFE: You will always receive a warm welcome. You
    will never be pushed to talk or disclose anything.
    Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.
  4. PERSONAL: We care about your marriage and are
    always ready to speak with you individually or as a
    couple.  We are, however, not counselors and will refer
    you to a professional if needed.
  5. ENCOURAGING: You will hear many real life stories to
    which you will be able to relate.  As you apply the skills,
    you will begin to experience success.
  6. SUCCESSFUL: We are not a miracle cure, but if you are
    ready to make changes, commit to and invest in your
    marriage, there is nothing in the way to a beautiful path
    of transformation.


The Marriage School is a Christian 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is supported entirely through donations. Your donations help us grow the ministry, save marriages and impact entire families and communities.

You can give ONLINE HERE (ONE-TME GIFTS OR MONTHLY) or via check made out to:
The Marriage School, Inc.
P.O. Box 53291
Cincinnati, OH 45253

Child Care
Childcare is o
nly available on Wednesdays in Lebanon at this time. We will let you know as soon as there is a change in Montgomery.



Here are some things couples say about the ministry:

“It saved my marriage and I'm very grateful for it, as are my 3 children who have both of us raising them and showing them what a strong marriage looks like.

“I think every couple should go through it!”

“I refer to the program daily.”

“More than anything, God has opened my eyes to the importance of holiness in marriage as opposed to happiness.”

“I was so sick of my spouse when we first came to the program. I really came to have my husband ‘fixed’.  God showed me so clearly all the things I had to take responsibility for in the marriage. This helped with forgiveness, respect and healing of childhood issues. I now appreciate my marriage and I am working for my marriage.”

“The program's foundations and principles are very sound, the presentations excellent and relevant, and the approach powerful. In non-spiritual terms, it’s genius. In spiritual terms, it’s anointed and we thank God it exists.”

“Fantastic program. I would recommend it to anyone.”

“It is great to have the support & knowledge that the Marriage School offers. It helped give us the tools to overcome.”

  • Is this a religious program?

    Anyone can attend and you can expect a warm welcome from all of our staff no matter what your beliefs.  The Third Option emphasizes practical relationship skills that are beneficial to anyone regardless of their faith.

  • What if we already have a strong marriage?

    The Third Option offers a loving and fun community where solid marriages can get a "tune up” The program can help your strong marriage grow stronger and deeper.

  • What if we are in serious trouble?

    The Third Option has helped many couples work through serious betrayals, hurts and struggles. You will hear couples share about how they overcame affairs, divorce, abortion, alcoholism and other serious issues. You will learn about taking responsibility for yourself, about childhood issues, about the process of forgiveness and rebuilding trust.

  • What if we are already divorced?

    Even divorced couples have found their way back together through The Third Option. Consider it a real possibility to find each other again on the other side of divorce.

  • Is Third Option a counseling service?

    Third Option is not a counseling service.  It is an educational group where we learn and encourage and support each other.  The Third Option is led by skilled facilitators and by couples who have overcome serious issues in their own marriages and are giving back to others.


  • How much does Third Option cost?

    We ask for a $20 per week donation ($10 per individual) and we utilize the honor system.  There is a donation basket at the registration table or you can make your donation online.  If this amount causes a financial hardship, simply speak to us and we will make arrangements so that you can continue to attend The Third Option for as long as you need to.

  • What about our kids? Do you have childcare?

    We have childcare for infants to 12 year olds provided by the hosting church.  Childcare is free for the Third Option participants.  If your child has special needs, we ask that you contact us at least one week in advance to assess and plan for that need.


  • Do I have to attend every session?

    Third Option is designed to be helpful in one-week increments. Each week is a stand-alone discussion and teaching. Attending regularly is very helpful, but not required. Many times couples may miss a week and then make up that topic during the next session. Many couples find it takes two or even three cycles to build their marriage to the level they seek.


  • Will we have to give our names?

    We provide name tags and people only put their first name on the tag.  We ask for your email in order to send homework via the internet, but you are always free to decline.

  • What if we cannot come together? Or we don't WANT to come together?

    Couples come on different nights for many reasons: conflicting schedules, kids’ activities  or because of hurt and pain in the marriage. Attending separately is still helpful. Ultimately, after couples see there is hope for healing and learn new ways to handle their issues, they try to attend together to work on their marriage in a unified way.

  • What if things get worse while we are attending the Third Option?

    We firmly believe the Third Option will help your marriage.  However, it is possible things can initially deteriorate when couples begin to be transparent and honest with themselves and each other in a new way. Giving each other permission to fail and try again while learning new skills is essential to ultimate success. With persistent application of the tools and skills, most couples see transformation in themselves and their marriages.

  • Do we have to actually talk about our problems?

    We consider all information shared by everyone at the Third Option confidential. You can come and listen without the pressure to share. There is no requirement to speak in discussion can listen to the facilitators and other couples while you reflect on your own situation.

The Marriage School is a caring community that supports each husband and wife in their marriage covenant through life-changing programs made affordable for anyone.

Cincinnati 513-238-9519



Cincinnati 513-238-9519

The Marriage School, Inc


The Marriage School

P.O. Box 53291

Cincinnati, OH 45253

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